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Latest Issue - infinithoughts - May 2017


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Destiny designing - Experiencing the Experience Every event that we encounter in life offers infinite learning possibilities and it is up to us to discover from it, its intrinsic wisdom.

Life is all about relationships -  My son is just about to enter teenage and is putting himself through a lot of pressure by comparing himself with his peers. Often he feels he is not good enough... What can I do as a parent to get him out of this feeling and build self-belief in him?

A breakthrough -  Why can't we live just on the basis of our instincts, why do we have to suppress everything, for example our anger?

Life is a puzzle... ...with a solution -  I think it is better to say things on the face than to talk behind somebody's back, but I am always misunderstood. Why are people unable to handle frankness?

Mahatria speaks to gen next... I am just 14 years old… What is the method I need to follow to become great? Please explain… - Beloved Mahatria answers this in 6 Parts: - The gist of the 1st part: Irrespective of the age you are in, you must develop certain great qualities, which will make you great. What are they? - Here is the 2nd part: Be Energy on the move… - (TO BE CONTINUED)


The most beautiful aspect of infinithoughts is that it can motivate a 10-year-old child and at the same time a 100-year-old man too. A person can read it when he is depressed, or when he is overwhelmed or when he is angry or when he is bored. The articles are written by ordinary people and it inspires many to do extraordinary feats. One person who truly motivates me is Mahatria and that is because I can resonate all my life instances with his writing; I have begun to realise my mistakes and I am rectifying them. I will always remain grateful to my friend Sri Janani Kannan, who introduced me to infinithoughts and thereby paved way for a positive approach in my life.


Serendipity - How to make serendipity our strongest ally?

Life is a JOURNEY - We need to travel in spite of bad roads…

11 Questions - Anuradha T K - Anuradha T K is an engineer, scientist and project director of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), her specialisation being Satellite Communication. She has worked on the launch of the satellite GSAT-10 and GSAT-12. GSAT-12 holds the rare distinction of being launched by the all women core team and Anuradha was in the helm of affairs as project director when it was launched. She is the senior most lady scientist at ISRO, having joined the space agency in 1982, and also the first woman to become a satellite project director at ISRO. Here she shares her life experiences exclusively with infinithoughts readers…

Young champion speaks Ace Drummer - Siddharth Nagarajan

Customer - To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one!

Single Failure - So what!

I feared but I faced it… - First assignment… difficult situation… but…

Being Human - A Doctor speaks…

My world of magic! - How to start doing something you love?

My interests! My dreams!! My passion!!! - Are they different?

To win - Winning is not everything; it is the only thing...

Indirect Communication - How to build harmonious relationships?

Celebrate Mothers! - Gift her happy moments…

My Silver Jubilee - My wife… my life!

Grandmother's Wisdom - Old is gold! Let us start mining for age old wisdom…

One Touch Magic - This is something all of us can give…

You are different – So your food and exercise should also be different…

Air (conditioning) Syndrome... – Celebrate the season...

In sync with life… - Music can give wings to the mind and make you fly!

Drenched in love - How blessed!

Poem - No Longer

Season of giving - Give… you are given to give

State of bliss - How to reach this state?

To love… - One seed can turn into a tree and give more seeds…

Nourish your Faith - Is faith a matter of one time investment? Or does it require incessant nourishment?

Living my passion - Struggles build strength; here is a classic example…

Food is fuel

Quotes - Che Guevara (June 14, 1928 – October 9, 1967)

Sports reveal character - Frank Mir