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Latest Issue - infinithoughts - June 2017


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Destiny designing -  Take the hostage off the equation - We hold certain issues too close to our heart and it blinds us of everything else. Give the issue its rightful place and you will see how blessed you are, otherwise.

Life is all about relationships -  Is having sexual feelings towards my soulmate, whom I love and respect, and expressing them explicitly wrong? Isn't this something natural to a human being? I am a religious person and I am confused about this.

A breakthrough -  How do I 'become the being' I can be?

Life is a puzzle... ...with a solution -  I always struggled to concentrate on one task. I often get deviated by many things just like a child. How can I reach that state where I am able to do one task at a time?

Mahatria speaks to gen next... -  What is the method I need to follow to become great? Please explain… - Beloved Mahatria answers this in 6 Parts: - The gist of the previous 2 parts: Irrespective of your age, you must develop certain great qualities, which will make you great. What are they? You need to be Energy on the move… Wake up a little early, push your body, eat the right stuff. - Here is the 3rd part: Willingness to change… - (TO BE CONTINUED)


One fine day, I just happened to see this infinithoughts magazine in my office library when I was working for a MNC. It truly inspired me, the moment I started reading it. Today, I have become a better human being by understanding how to deal with stress, anger, people in relationships... well, almost everything! I should admit that it is because I read infinithoughts regularly.

I eagerly wait for infinithoughts on the first of every month; the moment I reach home I check for this and when people at my home say that infinithoughts has arrived – I quickly skim through the pages joyfully! infinithoughts helps me all the time and I always insist people around me to read it every day and most importantly practice the messages all day.

Rajagopalan Kalyanasundaram

The invisible measuring element - If we lose time, can we regain it?

The Return Gift - Separation always increases love, isn't?

11 Questions - Dr. Sunder S - Dr. Sunder S is a well-known physician and a popular musician. Apart from alleviating patients from physical pain, through his PREM Center for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, he has also founded Freedom trust in 1997 and has organized more than 200 rural medical camps benefiting nearly 16,000 disabled people. He has been honoured with many awards including the President's Award for service to the disabled. He has authored the famous textbook on rehabilitation medicine and is one of the leading ergonomic consultants.

He is one of the foremost musicians and musicologists in the firmament of Carnatic music today. He has given over 500 concerts all over the world. He is the convener of the Music Forum and has been a cultural ambassador by conducting hundreds of events on 'Appreciating Carnatic Music' for the youth. He has produced and anchored 2 popular music serials in TV and has written 2 books on Carnatic Music. The State of Tamilnadu honoured him with the title 'Kalaimamani'.

Young champion speaks – Therapy to passion -
Tejaswini S R

Gassy talks... - It can be embarrassing; we need to silence this…

Balance the imbalance... - So what!

This moment matters! - When thunder strikes…

A key to productivity - Let's find it! Read on…

Why not now? - If sooner or later we are going to do it…

Special moments! - Cherishing them draws more of it into our lives…

False evidence appearing real - Is it just an illusion?

Criticisms - That tells more about the one who criticises…

A solace from an unexpected corner - Unpredictability makes life interesting, isn't?

I wish to improve… - There is always room for improvement…

My dear teacher - A teacher's words can influence eternity…

The village lass - Mothers deserve the best!

Classify? – What is the basis for classification?

The parting gift – A gift that all of us can bequeath!

The power of love - A beautiful story and a lingering question…

My inspiration - Everything can inspire including the nothingness!

Clean the spectacles - To get a better view of life…

God - the gardener - Celebrate the differences and cherish the uniqueness!

Greatness - What is that factor that makes one achieve greatness?

Loan settlement - Sun cannot be hidden for long; so is truth!

Don't chase happiness... - We have the power to create it!

Advice to myself - If you can do this, life will respond to you!

Sweaty update...

Quotes - Michael Phelps - (DOB: 30th June 1985)

Sports reveal character - Lee Trevino