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infinipath - Live Webcast
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Frequently asked questions
Why am I not able to view the webcast?
» infinipath webcast is live only on sundays between 6.45 am to 9.15 am
» Refresh this page after 6.45 am to view the live webcast. Click here to refresh now
» Check for flash player in your machine. If you have older flash player, uninstall and install new player by clicking download flash player link
» Reload the page after clearing the browser's cache
Why am I experiencing frequent buffering?
Buffering is due to many reasons like internet connection, computer speed, RAM, cache size etc The minimum internet speed required is 512 kbps
» Play video in single browser window only
» Try switching between server 1 and server 2
» Avoid frequent switching between servers
Why is the webcast off inbetween?
» Try switching to next server
» Refresh the page. Click here to refresh now
Can I view the webcast in iPhone, iPad ?
Yes. As you cannot view flash files in Safari, you can download Puffin Web Browser from your App Store. Puffin Web Browser supports flash files & will play the webcast. However, the quality of the video will depend on your internet connectivity.
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infinipath Webcast
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