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Bluetiful World FAQ:

What’s the initiative about?

How can I participate?

What does it do for me?

How does this integrate with a larger good?

Is this practical?

How much weight should I commit?

I’m already in my ideal weight range and don’t want to lose any weight. Can I participate?

How often do I need to update my weight?

Can I change my committed weight loss?

How does the nomination page work?

Can I contribute more trees even after I reach my goal?

How can I contact someone for help with my profile?


BLUEtiful World is a social initiative from the world of Infinitheism that integrates personal good with a larger good. In the next 10 months, starting January 11 up to November 11, 2016, Mother Earth will lose tons of excessive human weight and gain thousands of trees.

All you need to do is commit to get healthy and shed excess weight. The magic of a transforming collective movement will then unfold. With just 5000 of us pledging to drop 2.5 kilos in the next 10 months, we will collectively lose 11 tons of weight and for every Kg dropped infinitheism will plant a tree. Now, isn’t that worthwhile?

As Mahatria says “Take care of your body for an hour a day and your body will work the remaining 23 hours, taking care of you.” Investing time to shed the excess weight will have a direct impact on your health, career and wallet.

By participating in this movement and dropping weight, you will play a significant role in lightening the load on Mother Earth. And since abundance is all about growth at Infinitheism, we pledge to add a tree, restoring to Nature its valuable resources, for every kilo YOU lose.

BLUEtiful World is all about simple efforts resulting in a BIG CHANGE. With a deficit of just 200 calories a day, you can easily shed a kilogram of weight a month. Simple measures and small changes in your lifestyle can help you bring out this breakthrough. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, replace a meal with a veggie or fruit salad, reduce your food intake to one serving per meal, take a 30-minute walk, and there you are, well on your way!

We are allowing a maximum weight loss commitment of 1 kg a month. We believe that weight loss must be fun, sustainable and healthy. We are using World Health Organization's database for BMI classification as an indicator for your weight-loss commitment. We also strongly recommend that you stay within the ‘Normal’ range based on your height and weight.

First off, congratulations on maintaining your health. Yes, we would love leaders like you to help motivate others to get healthy. Just register and create your profile page and being nominating your friends and family via Facebook and email.

We suggest you update your weight once a week, to give yourself a pat on your shoulder and push yourself to do better!
This will allow us to keep track of the weight you lose every month until 11th November, 2016 and plant trees along the way.

Take it up as a challenge and let it remain!
If you are logging into your profile for the first time you may change it and then confirm. But once confirmed it cannot be changed.
For further doubts on this drop us a message below.

Your profile page allows you to nominate friends and family, we have added an interesting feature for you to monitor their progress as well. Do encourage your friends and family to join hands with you and work towards building a BLUEtiful World.
Tag them via facebook or send them an e-mail. Once they register, you can see their details on the ‘Nominate Page’ in your profile.

BLUEtiful World is all about simple efforts resulting in a BIG CHANGE. When you reach your goal, you have already lived up to your commitment! Any weight lost over the commitment will NOT be taken into consideration for planting trees.

Do feel free to drop in a message below, and someone from our team will be more than pleased to get back to you.

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